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About us

Blue Lotus – never fade away

The Blue Lotus, more commonly known as the Egyptian Lotus, is a rare sky-blue flower.

In their stories of creation, from beneath the water, a giant blue lotus emerged and opened its petals to reveal the Sun God, Ra. 

Ra ascended from the flower into the sky, emanating light that banished the darkness and created life.

As a symbol of rebirth, hope we have the same wisdom and courage.

We need to have some spirit and fight for it with all ways during the current economic situation. 

Surely we have the chance to rise above the surface of the water to bloom!


An organization with over 20 years solid experience

Founders of the company are serious businessmen who have over 20 years of solid experience in transmission industry.

We know the business and we do our job right.

We are doing the best to be expert in this field

We are engaging ourselves in the supply of China made power transmission products to overseas. 

The export products include brake components for heavy-duty trucks & trailers, kinds of bearings and the repair kits for vehicles. 

We service and stock a wide variety of these parts which could ensure the prompt delivery.


To bring fresh air into our business 

We stand here not only to render professional services, but also ensure the joyful experience in very moment of the contact for our customers. 

Caring, fun and easy is what we want to achieve.

To achieve that, it is not only hard work, but ethical courage as well. 

But just Believe in it and go for it!


Servicing all corners of the earth!




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